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The emphasis of the non vocational training is more on the interpersonal, independence and social skills rather than the academic skills of the young adult.

young adults are encouraged to make informed choices and decisions, learn to communicate and cooperate with others effectively, while in a supportive and safe environment.

All these skills are extremely important to succeed in an employment situation and the individual’s future. The various activities used to enhance the interpersonal, independence and social skills could consist of practical work, camping trips, sporting activities, group work and having fun.

Practical work

At the day centre, Redcastle Station, a nature trail and buildings offer a great deal of challenging practical work. Renovations and repairs are carried out by the young adults, supported by staff, to enable practical and organisational skills to be learned within a safe environment.

This can vary from woodwork, painting, plumbing, gardening and identified projects carried through from start to finish.


Camping and sporting activities

Each year, various camping trips are organised with a different level of difficulty. Big Sands in Gairloch, Dornoch have been visited before. Destinations of the hike have included a circumnavigation of Barra, Lismore, Sandwood bay, and Camasunary on South Skye.

Various sport sessions are organised weekly, which can include swimming, pool, gym, walking, cycling and so on.


Work experience

Work experience can be incorporated with the training package for individuals who are ready to explore the world of work and develop these skills further to progress towards employment.

We do not have a bank of employers upon we call as we tailor the experience to each individual.

Work experiences have been organised in local hotels, grocery companies, supermarkets, painters and decorators, dog kennels, etc.